January 6, 2017


Morning : Two EGGS with MILK
Evening : Two PEGS with CHIPS
Night : Two LEGS with HIPS

Popcorn Ki Khushbu Nuts Ke Bahar
Sardi Ka Mousam Thori Se Masti Thora Sa Pyar
Maflar Sweater Rakho Tayar

Boy:You Are Sunshine Of My Life,
Without You Life Is Cloudy,
You Are In My Heart
Like Rainy Water For Barren Land

Janu! Is It Proposal Or Weather Report

May 5, 2014

miss you, with you forever

There's only
1 thing
2 do
3 words
4 you

Never ignore a person
who loves you,
cares for you,
and misses you,
because one day,
you might wake up and realize,
you lost the moon while
counting the stars.

when i text you,
it means i miss you.
when i don't text you,
it means I’m waiting
for you to miss me.

when i close my eyes
i see you....
when i open my eyes
i miss you....

when i miss you,
i don't have to go far...
i just have to look inside
my heart because that's
where I'll find you. :-)

I miss you a little,
I guess you could say, a little too much,
A little too often, and a little more each day.

i want people to
look at us and say
“ Damn! These two
Are still together”.

Life is not measured
By the breaths you take.
But by the moments that
Take your breath away.

If a hug could show
How much
I love you,
I’d hold you in my arms
Forever !

I want you today, tomorrow
And next week,
And for the rest of my life.

Every time
I look at the keyboard,
I see that
‘U’ and ‘I’ are always together.

I feel lucky every day I am with you.

My blood is not costly
that is very cheap,
But my heart is very costly
Because that is full of U.